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Cialis (tadalafil) is a powerful prescription medicine meant for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. You shouldn't take more than one pill of Cialis a day and comply with all the recommendations of your medical professional. At the very least 24 hours need to pass in between two doses of Cialis. If you think you have taken excessive of Cialis seek immediate medical help. Some adverse effects of Cialis that normally go away by themselves include stale nose, aching neck, memory issues, frustration, muscular tissue ache and pack pain. Avoid taking other impotence medicines together with Cialis to avoid disturbance.

Priapism is a prolonged (over 4 hours) and unpleasant construction that could take place in a small percentage of people taking impotence drugs. In situation or experiencing this problem get instant medical support as priapism might result in a long-term damage on the penis tissues. A really small percentage of individuals taking Cialis have reported another significant problem - vision loss triggered by the decrease of the blood circulation to the optic nerve. The condition may not be directly associateded with the medicine, as in all of those situations the people had particular health troubles (high cholesterol levels, hypertension, pre-existing eye issues, diabetic issues) and were older than FIFTY.

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